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Scott Anderson Location Sound Mixer Based out of Austin, Texas

A few of the companies I
count on for my reputation

Sound Devices Location Sound Austin Texas Production Sound Mixer

Television Sound Austin Texas Production TV Recordist Freelance Audio

COS-11d Sanken Lectrosonics TV Production Sound Mixer Audio Tech Recordist Austin Television

Sound Devices Sanken Sennheiser Production Television Sound TV Austin Texas Location Audio

Orca Bags


"Scott is a true professional; he's great with clients, always a joy to have on set, and his sound is consistently of the highest caliber."

-Brad Smith, Austin Based Director

Great no drama sound that you won't wait for

I've enjoyed working full time as a freelance Location Sound Mixer since 2003 having contributed to shows on cable, broadcast, and international networks, as well as many corporate clients over the years. I've wired sitting and former Presidents and hundreds more. I'll bring the industries top gear to the table, in top condition, along with a positive and friendly attitude throughout the day. My day rate is fair, with no surprises on the invoice making sure you stay within your budget for sound.



Mixers and Recorders

  • Sound Devices 888 with SL2 Mixer
  • Yamaha TF1 Mixer with Dante
  • Sound Devices 833 Mixer
  • Sound Devices 633 Mixer
  • Sound Devices MixPre-10T
  • Sound Devices MixPre-3
  • Sound Devices 302

Wireless Radio Mics

  • Two Lectrosonics DSR4 Wideband Receivers
  • Five Lectrosonics SRc A1/B1 Receivers
  • Lectrosonics LT, and SMa Transmitters
  • Lectrosonics LR Camera Hops
  • Six SONY URX-P40 Receivers (Hops and IFB)
  • Two SONY URX-P41D Receivers with SMAD-P5 (Hops)
  • Eighteen Shure QLXD Sets with WL93 & SM58

Lav and Shotgun Mics

  • Sanken COS-11d, and Countryman Lavs
  • Sennheiser 2 MKH-60, 2 MKH-50,
    1 MKH-416, 2 MKE-600
  • Sanken CS-1e Super Cardioid
  • Multiple Countryman B6 and EMW Lavs
  • Two Sennheiser MD46 Stick Mics
  • Four Peter Enigh Omni Goose Mics
  • Several K-Tek Poles and Rycote Mounts and Softies

IFB and Monitoring

  • Seven IFB transmitters (base and bag)
  • Thirty receivers with SONY headphones
  • Audio Implements boxes and earpieces
  • Wired speaker, cell taps, and IEM


  • Denecke TS-C smart slate
  • Five Denecke JB-1 lock-it boxes
  • Betso TCD-1 timecode display

Video Support

  • Three SONY ZV-E10 Cameras with G lenses
  • One Canon XA50 4k ENG Camera
  • Three Manfrotto 3221WN + 503 tripods
  • BMD Video Assist Monitor-Recorder
  • BMD ATEM Mini Switcher
  • Four LED light panels with softboxes and grids
  • Wide assortment of grip gear: apple boxes (full half quarter pancake), C-Stands, Mafer clamps, stingers, green black and white back drops, shot bags, etc.
  • First time and international clients C.O.D. with invoice provided at wrap. Established clients invoiced NET30 by eMail PDF attach
  • I work regularly throughout Texas, the U.S., as well as internationally, and would be glad to do so for your shoot as well. My passport is current and I enjoy travel
  • Should an out of town overnight stay be needed, I ask that the cost of accommodation be covered by production
  • One-half day rate billed for booking cancellations with less than 48 hour notice
  • Labor rate is per 10 hours portal to portal with time and half billed thereafter walk away lunch inclusive
  • Standard audio package includes: a mixer/multi-track recorder, two wireless sets, and supercardioid mic on pole with break-a-way cable to camera. Additional billable items may include: wireless sets after the first two, IFB system, smart slate, lock-it boxes, etc. Flexible rates to work within your budget for sound
  • Current NABET (NBC and ABC) and IBEW (CBS) member

Sound Reinforcement

  • 34 FCC Licensed Motorola CP-200 Walkies
  • Two Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors
  • Two Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors
  • Mackie DL32R Digital Mixer
  • One QSC K-SUB PA Speaker
  • Two QSC K10 PA Speakers
  • Two QSC K8 PA Speakers
  • Two QSC K8.2 Speakers
  • Multiple Analogue Snakes
  • Opamp Labs VA-8 Mult-Box
  • Multiple Mic & Speaker Stands
  • Two Yamaha MS101-4 Speakers
  • Two Yamaha Tio1608 Stage Boxes
  • Twelve Station ClearCom Intercom
  • Eight Shure SM57 and Four SM58 Mics
  • Shure UA844SWB Distros w/Sharkfin Antennas

Support Gear

  • MacBook Pro M1 (Dante and Boom Recorder)
  • MacMini M2 with 16GB RAM and 16TB SSD
  • Pelican Gear Cases
  • Yamaha EF1000is 1000w Generator
  • Predator 2000w (58db) Generator
  • Rock-N-Roller Cart
  • 2020 AWD Honda Pilot

Sound Kit
Sound Kit